Podcasts for working from home and working out


Over the past year I’ve found myself listening to lots of podcasts. Although, I love working from home, it can feel a little too quiet at times. Podcasts have been a great solution to break up the silence. Well, except for when I’m trying to do some deep work, then, silence is truly golden.

I always knew podcasts existed, but I never really took much interest until Serial podcast was recommended to me. From the very first episode I was hooked, and judging from the hugely positive online response I’m not alone; Serial has spawned a whole generation of podcast makers, listeners and general devotees. Since Serial, there has been a torrent of great new productions. So for the uninitiated here are a few of my favourites:

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How to create multi-layered .ico favicons


Favicons are the little images that appear in the address bar to the left side of the tabs. You probably see these every time you browse the web.

These small icons are often overlooked when creating a website. But, they are an important part of your branding. What makes a website really stand out is attention to detail. Making sure your website looks great on any device, mobiles, tablets, desktops… high-res or low-res, is incredibly important to how your brand is perceived and helps to build trust with your users.

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Walking the Sussex Heritage Coast

Dramatic white cliffs of the Sussex Heritage Coast

I’ve been living in London for 6 years now but I’ve never really taken the time to explore the surrounding area. So, I decided to make a start and investigate what the great South East has to offer. S. and I made plans to hike along the Sussex Heritage Coast. To be honest, I’d never heard of this little gem until a couple a of weeks ago when I stumbled across it on google maps! We’re following this map which I found on the South Downs website:

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