Podcasts for working from home and working out


Over the past year I’ve found myself listening to lots of podcasts. Although, I love working from home, it can feel a little too quiet at times. Podcasts have been a great solution to break up the silence. Well, except for when I’m trying to do some deep work, then, silence is truly golden.

I always knew podcasts existed, but I never really took much interest until Serial podcast was recommended to me. From the very first episode I was hooked, and judging from the hugely positive online response I’m not alone; Serial has spawned a whole generation of podcast makers, listeners and general devotees. Since Serial, there has been a torrent of great new productions. So for the uninitiated here are a few of my favourites:

This American life

As Serial was created by the producers of This American Life, it seemed a good bet. Created by Ira Glass, the Godfather of radio; the stories range from everyday life to issues in US education, security, health care, and so much more. A single episode can be funny, uplifting, and deeply contemplative. As a Brit who’s never set foot in America the stories not only give insight into the American way of life, but often shine a light on many of the injustices in US law-making and society. The issues are always covered in a level of depth you wouldn’t normally find in other news sources. This American Life is journalism at its best. If you are going to start somewhere, this is the place. These are a few of my best-loved episodes:

Abdi and the Golden Ticket
Three Miles



This podcast talks science and makes geeking out totally acceptable. Described by Robert Krulwich(Radiolab host) as, “highly produced meditations on weird, obscure subjects involving chemistry and biology”, it is always entertaining. As someone who studies maths for fun and habitually reads the New Scientist this was definitely my cup of tea. Here’s some of my faves:

From Tree to Shining Tree
Playing God
I Hart K-Pop

Runners World


This recent addition to my podcast list is well produced and surprising engaging for a niche topic like running. I like to save this podcast for my weekly ‘long’ run, although, I have to admit I’m a newbie when it comes to running (more like half walk, half jog for an hour, then scoff 3 donuts). It’s the perfect combination of entertaining, motivating and informative story telling. It’s fast becoming one of the podcast highlights of my week. Be sure to checkout these episodes:

Running Clean
The Spartan Way
Life at the Back of the Pack

Front End Happy Hour


My last pick is certainly the most niche. Aimed at developers and software engineers, Front End Happy Hour is a great window into the otherwise opaque world of Silicon Valley. I would highly recommend it for any aspiring developers, it’s pitched at a level that is accessible for beginners while still being entertaining and informative for the more seasoned developer. The presenters, engineers from Netflix, Evernote, Atlassian & LinkedIn, discuss topics ranging from hot new javascript frameworks to the lack of diversity in the tech industry. I’m always excited to see a new episode online and I’m dying to get my hands on one of their T-shirts(hint hint)! It’s so hard to choose my fave episodes, but these are great ones to start with:

Raise your glass to women in tech
Ninja rockstar whiskey drinker with 10 years IPA expeience
A shot of Silicon Valley
A11y Cocktail